Thursday, March 15, 2012

PortiqueArmchair by Florent Coirier

As children all of us liked to play on the kinder swings in the gardens or at playgrounds. Those sweet memories of the free swinging and freeness inspired the Franch designer Florent Coirier. He is living and working in Paris and was born in Nantes in 1983. He has Franco-Polish origin. This modernistic designed arm chair is called PortiqueArmchair.

The designer Florent Coirier created this prototype with the collaboration of craftsmen of the Autonomous Port,GPM Nantes/Saint-Nazaire. The materials used for creating this arm chair are common materials used in shipbuilding. The base of the chair is made from bended aluminum tubes. The aluminum is perfect for this design as it is very light and in the same time durable. The rope is nautical rope in polyester and polyamide, stronger and more varied in choice of colors. Oak solid wood is used for the wooden board. The dimensions of the PortiqueArmchair are 665x645x735mm.

This chair plays with the archetypes of garden games, and refers directly to our childhood feelings. So if you want to feel the child years or just like this contemporary designed chair, you need to get one as its design is perfect for any of your rooms.


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