Friday, March 9, 2012

Reverse Dowry by Akke Functional Art

This completely unusual coffee table is part of the collection Potential for Collapse furniture. This contemporary table is called Reverse Dowry and is designed form Akke Functional Art. They are modern furniture Design Company dedicated to exploring the dynamic between two elements natural and industrial. Akke Functional Art incorporates both finished and live edge slabs of wood with metal, glass, and stone.

The table is started as a gift to a special person for the designer and he includes all his thoughts and ideas for the modern furniture. The coffee table Reverse Dowry is made from oiled reclaimed ipe wood for the legs, stainless steel cable for holding all the structure, glass for the top of the table and little aluminum for connecting the legs with the top. Despite the table looks ready to collapse the structure is stable and functional. The combination of the materials and the shape combined make very good solution for a modernistic coffee table. As for now Reverse Dowry coffee table is made in one example and is given as a gift but if there is an interest the designer can decide to push it to the market.


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