Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sedici storage unit by Amitrani

This is one very modernistic piece of furniture. This drawer of solid wood attract not only by the material but with overall contemporary look. The storage unit is called Sedici and is made from design studio Amitrani. It is created by Roberto and Stefano Truzzolillo who specialize in wooden furniture. All products of the studio are prime quality long-lasting and environmentally friendly.

Amitrani is based in Lamezia Terme (Italy). Sedici is made from solid wood and as a form look like a very typical storage unit, but all the parts of this modernistic furniture are assembled with cuts of 45 degrees, so that the external edges will turn out to simply be thin lines. The result is very nice and good looking. This storage furniture comes in several colors. The height from the ground also can be selected from directly on the ground with no base at all to some centimeters from the ground. Sedici look great in any room as the solid wood make it more sophisticated and classy looking.


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