Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Silestone Slab Vases by Form Us With Love

This is a vase collection made completely from stone. The result is very modernistic and sleek design away from the cold and bulky first thoughts for stone. The design of this vase is even warm and fresh and will look good in any room. The vase collection is called Silestone Slab Vases. They are made with collaboration of Swedish design studio Form Us With Love and Spanish stone company Cosentino Group. First show for this project was at Stockholm Design Week at the exhibition Form Us With Friends at the Swedish Museum of Architecture.

The concept of the design of Silestone Slab Vases is to combine a rings of silestone and slip them on a metal bracket to shape the form of a vase. The rings vary of size and shape, and what is interesting is that the design and order for each vase is different every time. The silestones comes in color ranges from the natural gray to more playful orange and even hot red. You can also form your own vase with rearranging the colors or the order of the rings in the Silestone Slab Vases.


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