Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Top 5 articles February

This is our top 5 for February. In this month as expected the cold and the winter take their share. In top 5 we have article for fireplaces and one for tea kettle. Those are the top 5 read articles for the month February. As we always say this list depend only on you and your visits. In this article you are welcome to comment any ideas about the blog or what kind of articles you want to see. 

Here is the list of these articles:
  1. Porsche museum in Stuttgart Germany
  2. Moonlighting - Nissyoku lamp
  3. Foldy lamp collection by Ia Kutateladze
  4. 20 modern designers fireplaces
  5. Uplift - Tea Kettle Anniversary Edition

If you want next month to have different articles or articles as deferent theme it depends on you. Read and comment to popularize the articles you want.

Here is short information of the articles for month february:

1. Porsche museum in Stuttgart Germany

This marvelous building is the Porsche museum in Stuttgart Germany. The brand Porsche is worldwide known and famous for its great looking and fast sports cars. But this architecture design is very impressive also. Inside you will see the entire history of Porsche AG. The display area in the Museum is around 5600 square meters and in any time you will find at least 80 different expeditions. You can see may rare models and also a variety oh historical for Porsche cars. The designer behind this project and in particular the building is Delugan Meissl. The expedition area is designed by HG Merz.
This is a very unique designed lamp that can change its form. The designer Peter Toronyi is based in Budapest industrial designer. The main idea behind the lamp is the meaning of light in Japanese culture. The Nissyoku lamp is inspired by the process of solar eclipse. The lamp plays with the light and the shadow contrast and makes very modern light effects. Nissyoku lamp is a moonlighting lamp. It`s not made for everyday use, but switch on when people are seeking an atmosphere to suit the mood of the moment.

This is modern designed collection of lamps. The collection is called Foldy and is multifunctional and with variety of places to be used. In Foldy lamp collection you can choose a lamp for the ceiling, one for the floor or the typical for the table. The designer of Foldy is “Ia Kutateladze” from Georgia. She was born in Tbilisi in 1987. Her designs are playful, with attention to detail and profound understanding of the surroundings. The main idea behind the whole collection is simplicity and in the same time multifunctional.
The fireplace is very good looking in every modern home. The modern fireplaces are used not only for the great look and feel of cozyness in home. But they acctualy can be used for heating the entire home. There is big variaty of fireplace designes nowdays. They vary from size and shape. Some of them are with open fire but other are behind fireproof glass.
Now in the winter that the weather outside is very cold and unfriendly, what is better that drinking a hot cup of tea near the fireplace. And what we need for this is one kettle full of tea. The perfect kettle is Uplift Tea Kettle. Trends come and go but this design is always used and recognized. This product is made as a celebration to the 10th anniversary of this well know tea kettle.


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