Monday, August 13, 2012

Anti Crise Chair by Pedro Gomes

This chair provides peace of mind, because you can spend money in it and you feel relaxed. The Anti Crise Chair offers a sense of relaxation for your body and your mind. The chair change the usual way of saving and becomes part of everyday life and interior. We can save money in more playful and interactive way. The process is designed in 3 steps. The first is saving money, but here the traditional money “pig” is reinterpreted. Pedro Gomes chair have small opening on the top of the backrest, there you can put your coins and spare them for emergency use only. The seat and the back support of the chair are one hollow component offering a place for your savings.

The second step is to reach emergency equipment to be able to reach the limited access to the saved money.
If the time is bad and you reach your economic breaking point you can use your savings. Here the usual gesture of breaking the money pot is replaced. You must smash the glass on the rear of the backrest of your Anti Crise Chair. There you will find small handsaw which you need to use to cut the front end of the seat and to take all your earnings. The third step is reaching your savings by breaking the money pot. In this case the act is more personal and labored, because you must cut the seat using a handsaw.
But do not worry, the chair can still be used. You can use the hole there to store magazines or books that you read. The Anti Crise Chair still remains an attractive and multifunctional.


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