Monday, August 20, 2012

Bounce Chair by Pedro Gomes

Ergonomic design is developed more than 30 years, but due to changes in work environments the importance of good and comfortable designed seating has regained the spotlight. People must sit for longer time when they are in the office and that's why well designed chair is very important for the body position. Ergonomic means the science of work and person`s relationship to work. It comes from Greek: ergon – work and nomoi – natural laws.  People need motion when they are sitting for longer time. Thanks to the motion there is no pressure on the hips or spine.

The Bounce Chair developed by designer Pedro Gomes is Pilates based chair it`s for people that love to relax while sitting of an exercise ball. The designer tried to re-create the dynamic relation between comfort and well-being. The chair has the functionality of a Pilate’s ball but applied in new form and with use of new materials. Thanks to base shaped, the chair allow the user to shake when sit. The long sitting in office is no more painful and boring. The Bounce chair is produced with sustainable materials made for customers comfort and health.  The handle of the chair is not designed to lean the customers back but to force the body to align with the vertical axis of the body. The idea is the weight to be aligned with the rotation center of the chair. The designer says that the chair is functional and ergonomic with unique and distinctive lines. The Bounce Chair can be really effective for people with bad posture, the can re-train their bodies while sitting with their spines in the right position.


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