Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Highlight your wine bottles

Whine is one of the most loved drinks and is appreciated from many people. Today people collect wines and organize wine tasting. Most of the people love to expose their wine collection so visitors can see their treasure and admire. The problem with most wine rack is that they take more space for fewer bottles.  But no more, because the Woo Wine Rack by Sandra Laskowsa is perfect for every home and every style. If you want to expose your collection of bottles in an unusual way you must try the Woo-Wine. 

The Woo-Wine is simple but stylish and functional. It`s made from wooden and Plexiglas pieces shaped like 8, or the shape for the sign of infinity. The wooden pieces can be painted in a color of your choice.  Woo-Wine piece can hook two bottles, but when you have more pieces you can make a shape of your own choice. You can build pyramid, honeycomb structure or whatever you can imagine. With Woo-Wine Rack pieces you can create a number of unique shapes and to keep bottles safe and at sight of you and your visitors.

Woo-Wine gives style and elegance to your living room or kitchen. You can combine different colors and nuances, so Woo-Wine to become the accent of your room and attract the attention of visitors. Woo Wine Rack is the perfect gift with which to surprise a lover of wine. With Woo-Wine special selected bottles of Wine are protected and in same time highlighted.


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