Monday, August 13, 2012

Marina’s Birds by Fajno Design

Birds are wonderful and loved by many people. That's why there are many products inspired by birds. Images of birds, lamps, candles and many more work well for any home and any style. Bird decorations are excellent for more interiors like living room, children’s room or bedroom. Bird inspired decoration is suitable for office decor, connecting it to the nature. They are perfect for any age and gender.

Here we present you Marina`s Bird lamp, part of avian-themed collection, created by Belarus design studio Fajno. This is collection of ceiling and tabletop lamps. They are creative and stylish, available in many colors and materials. Suitable for any taste and any style, they are wonderful gifts for every occasion.
Marina`s Bird, made from wood or glass and painted in various colors bring playful mood to the room. Room decorated with lighting fixtures in form of small birds will be always stylish and modern. You can use for accent in your room one or more of this beautiful and friendly feathered friends.


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