Thursday, August 9, 2012

Motion Lamp by Gergo Kassai

Modern lamp must fulfill various criteria. Here we present you Motion Lamp that has many options and privilege satisfying these criteria. It`s made from materials which can be used for mass production. Motion lamp can be used in many occasions as table lamp when you must work late, as reading lamp when you want to read a magazine or a book but do not want to wake others in the room or just as mood lighting to create pleasant atmosphere. It is difficult to find one light suitable for more than one situation, but the designer Gergo Kassai tries to achieve this task with his Motion Lamp.
For now it`s only a concept idea but with all its advantages it offers is worth being seen by a wider audience. The designer have made two versions of this lamp both with same shape but the one have oval hole cut into the middle to make interesting drop shadows. So the one is total light surface and the other have oval hole on the top which get the arc of the drop.

As source of light for Motion Lamp is used OLED film on top of free form silicone. Thanks to this the body is ultra-thin and light and the lamp can be twisted and turned. The lower part is made from plastic to hold the lamp firmly and the middle of is made from free-form silicone thanks to that the Motion Lamp can be bent in free way. Thanks to flexible wires inside the body whole lamp is lightweight and we can twist it according to our taste. Thanks to the advantages of OLED Motion Lamp is ultra efficient. The Motion Lamp is not just stylish and modern but also multifunctional.


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