Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Porsche kitchen designed for man

Porsche has always been connected with rapid speed, luxury, style and fantastic fast vehicles. But now we present you the first kitchen designed for men. The Porsche design Group and Poggenpohl Möbelwerke GmbH have made their first co-designed kitchen P’7340. The kitchen debut was in Los Angeles. Everything in P’7340 kitchen is handmade in Herford, made to be stylish and from high-quality materials. Miele & Cie provide all appliances.

P'7340 is manufactured by Poggenpohl in collaboration with Porsche. The kitchen is sleek and functional, designed especially for male customers. Porsche kitchen is made from aluminium which is used by Porsche Design. The wall-mounted alluminium frames create squares. These frames give to the kitchen innovative and technical look. Thanks to the aluminium profiles customers can position their new kitchen cabinet any way by their desire. The frames are with integrated lights that directly illuminate the worktop and the surrounding. For the front customers can choose between heavily brushed pines, natural to the touch – Driftwood, or finely brushed dark oak. Thanks to these textures the kitchen looks very natural, simple and innovative.
Glass is the other material used for the design of Porsche kitchen. The glass is panted unostentatious on the back side and it’s available in two variants - satin or glossy finish. It can fill the frames or embellishes the front surfaces.  The glass can be satinized or polished and in many colorful variants – Deep Black, Platin Beige, Frozen Green, Olive Green or Pure White.

Worktops are thin, made from quartz-based materials or from satin-finished glass. All these give to the kitchen the impression of high-quality materials and stylish, modernistic look.
The Porsche P'7340 kitchen don’t have handles because designers don`t want to interrupt the look of all kitchen.  All cabinets can be opened by gentle touch of a finger. Cabinets are equipped with pull out elements. Thanks to the built in high-precision system the drawers opens gently. Thanks to the innovative mechanism gentle touching is enough to activate the mechanism and the door moves a few centimeters forward. The absence of handles further emphasizes simple and aesthetic appearance of the kitchen, but for those who still insist on the presence of handles, grab bars crafted from brushed aluminium are available.
Poggenpohl appliances are with touch controls and dialogue displays.

The Porsche kitchen offers its customers oven with integrated microwave, a steam oven and a fully automatic coffee machine. The sink is also unique with a straining system made of grooves. Multifunctionality of the kitchen is complemented by the high-tech-video system with built in LCD module. Modules are installed behind glass to protect the delicate components against dirt and water. This system does not require ventilation system, equipped with a small sound system that offers its customers analogue and digital connections.


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