Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sleepbox - Sleeping in design

On most airports, train stations or bus station there is no place to take nap to rest or to sleep overnight. When you are traveling and you are at the airport, or train station or somewhere else but you have not booked a hotel. The situation is really uncomfortable because the long waiting time is really exhausting. Waiting is difficult for people used to work hard. There is no place to sleep in public and is not safety for you and your luggage. Sleeping away from home in loud and crowded place is not comfortable and luxury.
In our days when time is so important and people are so often on the road, there must be more comfortable environment for people.

For this reason there is developed a device called “SLEEPBOX”. There you can sleep peacefully and comfortable. You can rest from long day. You don`t waste your time searching for nearest or cheapest hotel. “SLEEPBOX” may be used in several places in public or private places, for rent or internal needs. “SLEEPBOX” can be used in hotels, hostels, airports, railroad stations, offices, bus stations, expocenters, shopping centers and accommodation facilities. In countries where the climate is milder, “SLEEPBOX” can be used on the street.
In “SLEEPBOX” you can take nap and sleep overnight in safe and comfortable environment. It`s cheap and offer to customers comfort and privacy. There is no need to carrying luggage. The suggested rate for the moment is 15$ per hour or 50$ per night.

“SLEEPBOX” is not very large, but yet is multifunctional. Sizes are 2x1.4x2.3m (h).
The bed is most functional his dimensions 2x0.6m. The bed is soft and comfortable with self changing sheets with a roller like a conveyor belt. Tape is rewound from one shaft to another, changing the bed. There is opportunity for more comfortable sleep on extra fee the client can take normal set of bed linen. 
In “SLEEPBOX” there is ventilation, sound alerts and build in LCD TV. You have access to WiFi internet, you can charge your phone or laptop, and even you can control the temperature inside the box. There is also desk, work surfaces and limited coverable window. Under the bet there is place for your luggage. Whit all these facilities you feel safe and no confident in small place like this.
When client exit, the sheets are changed automatically and the lamps turns on. Payment can be made on shared terminal with electronic key. Depending on the situation “SLEEPBOX” can be changed with additional extras.


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