Monday, August 13, 2012

Time for tea

Forget your morning with strong black coffee, tea is the new way to go. Here we present you some new stuff for your tea. With all this products the magical substance that makes you feel better after bad day is even more desired. So take one big cup of tea and read all what we have presented you here.
The origami design is what we found most interesting and stylish. First we present you origami bird tea bag. For now this is only a concept but charming and stylish. It`s beautiful to see the bird unfold in your cup with hot water, it also create an illusion of movement. This amazing Bird figured tea bags are created by Russian designer Natalia Ponomareva.

Second we present you a remarkable idea which combines cup and tea bag in one beautiful flower. From this origami flower you can make a cup. This smart idea is called Cuptea and it’s created by designer Lee Seo-Jin. Most people will think this is only bag tea and a cup, but for someone who understands the beauty of origami will appreciate all this.

Third we present you Tea Stick created by Lee Yuin Qin, simple but creative idea. It allows the user to hang the tea bag on the cup. Tea Stick is very stylish and modernistic.

We are going to present you some stylish and funny tea infuser.

Arta Tea Leaf Infuser is attractive and effective inspired by flower pots it looks like it’s growing from your cup with tee. Arta Tea Leaf infuser is designed in Seattle, USA.

Cute diving man inspired from the look of a traditional Korean driver. Made from silicone with stainless-steel ‘air tank’ for handy counterweight to fits into a cup and pots. Tea Diver is designed by Jung-Joo Kwon and Sung-Mun Yoon. With this cute infuser you don`t need tea bags.

iTea is single serving tea package with built in filter system. iTea is Innovative with simple and clean design.  The filtration system allow more intense flavor and its better than traditional oil absorbing bags.

Sugar bubbles designed by Erez Bar-Am for your comfort and chill. Sugar bubbles float 10 seconds on the surface before they dissolve.


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