Monday, February 27, 2012

20 modern designers fireplaces

The fireplace is very good looking in every modern home. The modern fireplaces are used not only for the great look and feel of cozyness in home. But they acctualy can be used for heating the entire home. There is big variaty of fireplace designes nowdays. They vary from size and shape. Some of them are with open fire but other are behind fireproof glass.

When the fireplace is primarily for beauty and styling the modern interior, especially if a table is nearby, it is good the fire to be raised to 40-60 cm above the floor. This way the fire can be seen from the guests. Raising the fireplace to a lower level for seating - 36 cm, with a bench on one or both sides is normally a good solution, especially if space below is used for raw and wet wood. Fireplace accessories are something beautiful and worthy of special design. So picke them very carefully and look so there design can match your overall interior.If your interior include glass and metal, it is better to restrict the shape of the fireplace to simple design and frugal decorations around the fireplace.

In general, fire inside is with more intense colors and expressive compared with the surrounding walls. Recently, more and more of the fireplace opening is closed partially or fully with glass or fine metal mesh, allowing the flames to be clearly visible, and sparks and embers do not fall on the floor. Despite them, the better solution is paving one meter in front of the fireplace with fireproof material. Flooring next to a fireplace look unnatural.

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