Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Alliance Sideboard by TurriniBY

This furniture is called Alliance Sideboard. The design studio behind this contemporary looking furniture is TurriniBY. The studio is based in France and one of the main designers is Erwan PĂ©ron. The sideboard is made from high-quality materials as Oak and white Daquacryl® veneer. The form is irregular and the shape is very modernistic and makes the illusion of 3D twist in the form. The designer used two different colors in the overall look of the sideboard to make distinction in different parts. With this also the furniture is more attractive to everyone.

The Alliance Sideboard is not only a designer furniture it is also and functional with a total of four openings with doors and with enough deep inside there is a lot of space for your stuff. The dimensions of the product of TurriniBY are L/230 x P/52 X H/75 cm. The Sideboard comes in two variations, one is with natural wood color and the other is with black colored wood finish. The price is around 3 739 €. Alliance Sideboard is very stylish and will fit in any room of your modern home.

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