Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cyclus Step2 by Satoshi Yanagisawa

Dwindling cellphone battery can leave anybody tensed. But, the real trouble seeps in when there is no charging source around. Satoshi Yanagisawa has crafted a vase-shaped device, which is a spring driven portable power generator to juice up your gadgets. Christened Cyclus Step2, this sustainable product can recharge a variety of digital gadgets with a universal port.

Users can couple their gadgets with a USB connector, which is present on the top of Cyclus. It has a twisting bottom, which when fully winded, generates energy for a good 15 minutes. The setup comes fitted with an induction dynamo that is reliable, easy to construct and cost-effective. This dynamo swaps energy from the spring into electric energy. The spring used has been crafted from steel, which is quite hard-wearing. It further gives birth to mechanical energy, which has been used in an ingenious manner.

All the components of the curvy power generator are wedged on a central shaft. This cuts down on the number of parts required, while making the production and assembly hassle-free. The unidirectional construction makes recycling, re-manufacturing, reconditioning and repairing the product unproblematic. Cyclus Step2 has been given dainty looks that are quite attention-grabbing. The handy product vows to take care of charging woes and makes sure your gadgets keep beaming with life.


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