Monday, May 13, 2013

PUUUR - the pure way of barbecuing

Healthy and grilling in the same sentence? Until now that has been an unusual combination of words. However delicious outdoor barbecues are, they also notoriously lack health credentials. Recently we have seen new, healthier, outdoor cooking options flood the market: outdoor induction cooking, teppanyaki, planchas…they all want to steer us away from good old grilling. With the new barbecook® PUUUR®, barbecuing becomes something totally different, because in terms of health, user comfort and efficiency, this appliance is unsurpassed.

I picked up on the PUUUR because has three great things going for it. The price is under 500 Euros. And given the next two points and the quality of design that is very unusually low price tag for a design style outdoor grill.

Second, its looks and feel. PUUUR is probably in the vein of the old Eva Solo grills but it adopts that new, more fashionable, slightly less sleek and less cold design. This design is rounder and softer to touch. The colors are also more “new-decade.”

Last and best of all this new design aims to make grilling healthier. The new barbecook® PUUUR® is one piece of well-considered quality. You will notice by the use of merely qualitative materials. For example, the PUUUR® has a double-sided structure: stainless steel on the inside, sheet steel on the outside. The double side is not only much more solid, but also safer, because the outside remains cool. At the same time, the double side ensures better insulation, which reinforces the efficiency of the reflector even more.

The bowl of the PUUUR® is completely made of heat-resistant ceramics. The insulation function of the bowl will result in better heat retention, a hotter fire and consequently in a better combustion. The reflector can easily be slid out using the glove that is provided free of charge. You can very easily open the reflector and its position can be adjusted according to the required grilling result. Lighting your PUUUR® barbecue is a piece of cake. With three newspaper sheets in the lighting pipe, the charcoal is grill-ready after only 15 minutes. Also cleaning your PUUUR® is done just like that. When finished, you can just brush the ashes into the ashtray via the tube. The tray can easily be emptied via the door at the back of the barbecue.

The PUUUR® is available in three standard colors: Arctic White, Volcanic grey and Pacific Blue. Not your dream colors? No problem. If you really know what you want, then you can just choose any other tone from color range. This way, you are sure that your PUUUR® barbecue is the perfect complement for your garden or terrace.
It will be interesting to see more barbecues designed to be a little bit healthier.


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