Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Modern and Elegant Tea Cups

Looking for that perfect tea cup? From glass to ceramic to cast iron, our tea mugs and cups are unique and functional. Choose a cup that symbolizes your dreams or one that puts your personality on display. From whimsical to artsy to modern, shop now for the perfect tea cup.

The SlingsHot Tea Cup

Have you had an experience where you troubled yourself with tea bag when making your morning tea? It is troublesome to pull and dip it in the hot water inside the cup without having to splash the water and without the water having to catch your parts of your hands. Some even would splash the hot water into their shirt or even accidentally drop and break the teacup. Today, thanks to Samir Sufi, you will never be again to deal with frustrating tea bag. Now you can have a lot more fun while making morning tea.

This teacup design is extraordinary as it allows you to kind of slingshot the tea bag by simply pulling it back and dips it again. This is thanks to the edge near the handle of this cup that will hold the tea bag while you are pulling it. The name is The SlingsHOT Tea Cup. The shape is a bit different from the everyday ordinary tea glass. You can simply squeeze the tea once you dip it into this cup. This way you can gain more tea out of your tea bag. It is simply a perfect addition to your kitchenware and for your kitchen appliances. Modern design and more function, I would definitely want one.

The Tipping Teacup

The Tipping Teacup is a quick and easy tea fix as it’s both a steeper and a cup. A special compartment in the cup allows to use both traditional tea and teabags. The plastic cup can be tipped left and right due to the angled bottom. The tea is placed into a small compartment and is filled with hot water. Thus the cup works both as a teapot and a teacup. The screen inside the compartment is removable and washable.

The Tipping Teacup is great when one’s in a hurry. It’s a quick way to enjoy some warm tea and run out for work. It can be thrown into the dishwasher though it’s not safe for a microwave. The teacup is available at Uncommon Goods in black and white finishes matte on the outside while glossy on the inside.

Mono Filio Teapot

The Mono Filio teapot has a graceful and restrained appearance to be the centrepiece of a contemporary, Western version of the tea ceremony. Place your favourite tea in the stainless steel mesh sieve, and watch the leaves unfold freely, as they release their aroma.

With a vertical stainless steel frame in which the glass bowl is suspended, the open stainless steel sieve gives tea space to fully develop. The leaves float freely, absorbing as much water as possible, and releasing the maximum amount of flavor and aroma into the brewing tea. How about a cup of…
The days of throwing a tea bag into a glass of hot water are over. Nowadays, people have grown to love tea and to learn about its special qualities and flavors. All of a sudden, if we’re having some friends over, the notion of a hot cup of tea is not so eccentric and is actually most popular.

Tea lovers are no longer enigmatic. We can all agree that the world of tea offers a wide range of aromas, textures and flavors. The modern Mono Fillio Teapot allows you to enjoy this rich world to the fullest. On top of it all – you’re also enjoying an elegant design of a stylish teapot. An item you can proudly place as a centerpiece at your dinner table.

Teacup for Sorapot

Joey Roth’s Sorapot has come a long way, and after years of waiting us can finally all get our hands on one in 2008! Not only beautiful, but functional – it protects your hands and tabletop from heat with its tripod base and sleek handle. I love the smooth transition between the two parts.

So why this design? Joey says “I designed this teacup to emphasize the beauty of tea on glass while insulating your hand and tabletop from heat.” I must admit my favorite part was the base… at first it looked like a Mercedes logo ~ perhaps a cute idea for a future mug is a peace sign base that leaves peace sign water marks when left on paper…


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