Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Baloon Lamp by Kouichi Okamoto

Need a new cool way to light your house and be ahead of others? Well, perhaps the balloon lamp from Japanese designer Kouichi Okamoto will light up your nights and make them even more enchanting and blue. Well, a lighter tone on blue.
Perhaps the coolest thing about this amazing idea is the fact that this is one of the easiest ways to carry light around the house only by a string. No matter you hang it in your bedroom, in the kitchen while having some midnight snacks or on the patio for a greater effect, they will light up your way and make you feel as if you are living a fantasy.

The balloon lamp uses a high-intensity LED light that run over 100 hours with the lithium-ion batteries included. The coolest thing about using a balloon to light your house, besides taking it around with you, is that the balloon diffuses the light into glowing orbs of light, creating a serene and calming scene inside the house.
The cost of the balloon lamp is $78 and it includes two white colour balloon lamps, with the LED light and batteries included, as well as light fixture and a manual (which is in Japanese, but has pictures that will help you out). The fun thing is that you may use different colour balloon instead of the calming and serene white ones, depending on what you wish to use them for. If you wish to through a big party, well, go for some colours!

The balloon lamps provide 100 hours of illumination and you can take them wherever you wish to light your way. We love the simplicity behind the concept as well as the easy usage. Would you get one for yourself?


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