Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Handpresso Auto - Make Espressos While In Your Car

Our mornings would be extremely dull if it weren't for our ritual espresso. Just the scent of the dark Colombian beans roasted usually wakes us up – and once the hot effervescent caffeine hits our tongue, we’re ready to capture whatever the day brings. For many it’s the beans that matter, but it’s also about your contraption – and if you’re anything like us, you've got them all. From a coffee machine to a French press, we've tried them all out – until now.

Morning routines wouldn't be anything without hitting the alarm clock a few times – so often that it seems the one thing that gets left in the morning commute is your friendly cup of Joe. Well, not anymore. With the handy auto-powered hand espresso machine Handpresso Auto, your morning commute just got a little more fun.
If you're familiar with Handpresso SARL, you know they've been making one of the most popular brands of portable espresso makers since 2006.  This model, though, is built strictly for keeping in your car, so you can get your coffee fix while everyone else is being extra cranky during heavy traffic.  Also, this should be great if you're pretending that you no longer drink coffee both at home and at work because it's bad for you.

Shaped and sized to fit in your car's cup holder, the Handpresso Auto should quickly find a place inside your vehicle.  To make yourself a cup, all you have to do is plug it into the 12V cigarette lighter slot, put in your ESE coffee pod and pour some water.  Press the button to start brewing and leave the whole thing in the cup holder so you can pay attention to your driving. The in-car appliance weighs a light 1.94 pounds, with space for up to 1.79 fl.oz. of water.  It uses 16 bar pressure to whip up a creamy brew in two minutes, after which, it alerts you that the drink is ready with three audible beeps.

Say goodbye to that bland work coffee– Handpresso Auto will get you to work in time, and perk up your spirits for that 8 am meeting. The little wizards at Luxury Insider pointed us in the direction of Handpresso Auto, and we couldn't be more grateful – though we’re not quite sure what the law will have to say (if we can’t use our phones, can we use our coffee machine?)
Do you feel your fingers tinkling like when you've had 8 cups?


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