Friday, December 20, 2013

Shelves That Seem To Float In Metal Frames - by Ron Gilad

Israeli designer Ron Gilad has added a modular shelving system and an oval table to his TT furniture collection, which features surfaces that appear to hover unsupported within a metal frame.
The original TT series, designed by Gilad and launched by Italian design brand Adele-C earlier this year, comprised a collection of low tables with thin metal frames containing removable wooden surfaces that are attached using magnets.
TT stands for Tray Table, and Gilad described the design as "a hybrid between the idea of a tray and that of a coffee table."

The TT3 shelving system is an expanded version of the tables and consists of tall single columns and a corner unit that can be combined in any configuration, with shelves bridging the gaps between them.
Magnets inside the walnut shelves and located at intervals around the painted steel frames allow the shelves to be positioned where required and subsequently moved around.

Each shelf can support a weight of up to 15 kilograms and features a chamfered edge, like a typical serving tray, that enhances the lightness of its profile and makes it easier to lift off a flat surface.
The surface of the oval table is also made from walnut and the table can be combined with the other tables from the original TT series.

Tray Table Project

The Tray Table project, that for Ron Gilad became an instant icon, has developed into two new products: the TT3 bookcase and the TT table with oval tray top. The TT3 bookcase, or TT cubed, takes the concept of the accent tables to new heights, while maintaining their airy lightness. The shelves are made of Italian walnut, ‘floating’ in a thin metal frame, available in black or pearl grey.

TT oval table

Built on two base elements – a single column and a corner unit – it offers an endless possibility of combinations and the greatest amount of usable space, thanks to its clean composition. A system of magnets allows the shelves to be moved and repositioned quickly and easily.

Shelving System

The shelving system TT3, or TT cubed, is the conceptual expansion of the TT coffee tables. Rectangular shelves/ trays in Italian Walnut are inserted by a simple magnetic system in the metal structure, available in two sizes and in the colours black or pearl grey. The combination of multiple structures, connected by shelves/trays, allows for unlimited modularity. The structures are made of painted steel with adjustable feet and each tray supports up to 15 kilos. Wall attachment is recommended where possible.

Small tables

 In painted steel, it is available in three colours. The structure hosting one round tray has one shelf while the structure hosting rectangular shelves has up to three shelves. Rectangular and round trays with molded borders, in Italian walnut or opaque lacquered wood in orange or pearl grey. The name is an abbreviation of Tray Table, a tray that becomes a small table, a horizontal surface that seems to fly inside a metal cage.


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