Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Estiluz Balloon Light Beams Playfully in a Child's Bedroom

A pot of honey and a balloon – such gifts have decided to donate one of his friends Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh and the company. That’s just the honey over, the balloon burst … This would not have happened if the gift was not an ordinary balloon, and an unusual light Balloon Lamp , designed by the Spanish company Estiluz.
Children’s joy, light as a balloon, Balloon Lamp, however, will delight and adults. We all come from my childhood, only with many adults as children and thought this was that one day on the wall or the ceiling of his room to show off shiny balloon, covering everything.

Glowing balloon Balloon Lamp is made up of “satinizirovannogo polyethylene” – a soft plastic shell to the touch and the texture resembles satin. It not only hides malosimpatichnuyu energy-saving light bulb, but also helps ensure that the outside did not sharp and bright, but soft, gentle, warm light that creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the room.

The thin red wire, hanging from a balloon, is not only an imitation of strings, for which we can take it and pull, and then take away with them – he also serves as a switch. Balloon Lamp Fixture is available in two versions, both wall and ceiling as a lamp.


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