Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Mandarin Pouf by MRTNV

Created by Vyacheslav Chupakhin and Gennady Martynov of MRTNV, Mandarin is a very unusual and versatile set of poufs. The name of the project is inspired by its shape, that of a tangerine. The eight segments that make up Mandarin are interconnected by zippers, and they form a big, soft and colorful ball. Each segment is completely detachable and can be used as an independent pouf for informal seating. The soft inside filling is covered by bi-color fabric, one color for the "skin" and another for the "pulp". Various color combinations are available, so that the pouf can fit most environments.

The versatile design offers the possibility to create different shapes and sizes of seats. Two segments zipped together provide a cozy armchair, while four to five of them create a cocooning lounger. By turning more segments attached together skin up we obtain a flatter surface, like that of a mattress. This inspirational design is perfect for use at home, in a TV or playroom, but can be very well envisaged in a creative office.


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