Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kinetic Energy concept - Wilma van Boxtel

Trust me folks when I say it, but it takes hell of a lot to make me quit my most prized asset- Laziness. I suppose most of us are the same way. Unless we are pushed to work we most often sit back and do absolutely nothing. The simple theory is that all of us do things only because of two reason- Pleasure and Pressure. If there is no pleasure in your job, then there has to be a deadline. If both are absent, then you do nothing. But now we give you a new reason to get up and do work and it is simple to make sure your mobile or iPod do not run out of charge!

It really is frustrating when that tiny little gadget displays ‘Low Battery’ and then goes off in to darkness. Now you can charge it up whenever you want by either shaking a leg or two or by just making sure you are moving around even just meaninglessly. Kinetic Energy is a device to store energy by just moving; doing sports, exercise, dance or just walking. My husband has a kinetic watch which doesn’t consume batteries but works because of the movements of his arm. Designed by Wilma van Boxtel of Australia, the device is perfect for someone like me who almost never stops walking around my living room or on my terrace when on phone.

Designed as a very simple ankle band, which you can also wear it around your arms if that’s were you move more, it stores the energy by your movements through this kinetic device. When necessary you plug your mobile or whatever gadget into the connector (you probably need an adapter because all brands are having a different connector) and upload your gadget. For my mobile, I surely will need an adapter too by the look of things. I really need something like this. I always am too lazy to get up to plug in the mobile for charging before going to bed. By the evening, I almost always run out of charge. The gadget is akin to the Kinetic Energy- MP3 Player that we featured a few days ago. Such gadgets are a great help to both us lazy guys and also the planet!

Cyclus Step2 by Satoshi Yanagisawa

Dwindling cellphone battery can leave anybody tensed. But, the real trouble seeps in when there is no charging source around. Satoshi Yanagisawa has crafted a vase-shaped device, which is a spring driven portable power generator to juice up your gadgets. Christened Cyclus Step2, this sustainable product can recharge a variety of digital gadgets with a universal port.

Users can couple their gadgets with a USB connector, which is present on the top of Cyclus. It has a twisting bottom, which when fully winded, generates energy for a good 15 minutes. The setup comes fitted with an induction dynamo that is reliable, easy to construct and cost-effective. This dynamo swaps energy from the spring into electric energy. The spring used has been crafted from steel, which is quite hard-wearing. It further gives birth to mechanical energy, which has been used in an ingenious manner.

All the components of the curvy power generator are wedged on a central shaft. This cuts down on the number of parts required, while making the production and assembly hassle-free. The unidirectional construction makes recycling, re-manufacturing, reconditioning and repairing the product unproblematic. Cyclus Step2 has been given dainty looks that are quite attention-grabbing. The handy product vows to take care of charging woes and makes sure your gadgets keep beaming with life.

Cyclus by Satoshi Yanagisawa

Any sort of energy issues in reducing carbon emission have been addressed as critical factor if further sustainable development.

In fact large number of institutions, developers and Eco conscious practitioners have been trying to find a solution in this particular issue at least these couple of decades. However this future conscious ethos has not emerged as sustainable as we might like to think at the moment. Obviously there is various reason, but I believe that ‘User Awareness’ should be integrated into the most fundamental catalyst for further sustainable development which has especially emerged within everyday circumstance. In addition we designer should design own representation for incremental change, to allow for the next paradigm shift for the green conscious society.

Cyclus has been designed a spring driven personal electricity generator. This hand held device also has huge potential to adopt multiple user context by single discipline. Basically, twisting bottom component for the next 30 minutes, inner located spring will constantly generate rotation energy. That is enough to drive DC motor (upper located) to produce certain amount of energy (6.6V 3W).

This product also has good potential in developing community, as they have increasing energy needs for lighting and telecommunication, and I believe it will have an advantage due to the simple construction which will make it durable and cost effective.

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