Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bionic Humidifier by Gonglue Jiang

Nature, nurture and design come together in Gonglue Jiang‘s Bionic Humidifier — a clever appliance masquerading as a potted plant that also functions as an indoor humidifier. Jiang’s artificial “bloom” wilts and goes limp without continual watering (refilling) and comes in an assortment of colors and shapes — just like the garden variety. “I designed a humidifier simulating a live flower that needs to be ‘nurtured,’” Jiang explains, “which fulfills emotional needs for the users.”

The Bionic Humidifier does it all— it moisturizes your apartment, it looks beautiful while it does it, AND it offers the bragging rights that go with keeping something alive! And don’t think this is just decorative folly — this apparatus has been created to live, die and be maintained like a flower, making it more than just another household tool.

No green thumb? No worries — the Bionic Humidifier is much more forgiving than Mother Nature. Once you provide water, your plant will perk back up and resume humidifying. With the looks and mannerisms of a plant, Jiang aims to bring both fresh air and a natural feel into otherwise enclosed spaces, and, unlike typical whirling and fizzing varieties of humidifiers, the Bionic Humidifier provides a “natural breeze effect in home humidifying.”

Modular Concept Desk by Francois Dransart

As work from home is beginning more and more common, having a desk both integrated in the house environment and matching with today’s way of working becomes a challenge for many industrial designer. Personal electronics and office supplies are two main groups of objects we have on the desk. Without proper organization, they just becomes a mess.

The concept desk designed by Francois Dransart aims to de-clutter the mess by providing lots of item-specific storage while also hiding cables and wires. The smooth wooden tabletop has several rectangular gaps around its sides and back edge, accommodating the slotting in of storage boxes for everything from cable clutter to notebooks and writing utensils. Moreover, the desk is a modular system which can be rearranged to the user’s functional necessity and aesthetic taste.

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