Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The perfect gift for kids - Light Pillow by Oh Sehwan

I’m going to talk about the latest technology which I feel to share with you all. It’s really an amazing thing which was found by Oh Sehwan, a South Korean furniture designer. Designers keep redefining everyday objects very funny. Talking about Pillow, except laying our head on it and have a great good night’s sleep, what else we can do.

When I looked the picture of the product which he found, I thought it as a glowing toy but it is a glowing pillows I felt great.
These glowing pillows are designed with semi-transparent fabrics that will let the glow of the LED lights visible at night. Usually it is said that we should avoid reading in dark or in dim lit rooms as its strains our eyes. Many of us who just cannot keep away from books, this pillow light really helps us and is a must.
This amazing pillow is actually a cool piece of furniture from my point of view. This makes more comfortably to read in bed and avoid all the stiff neck complaints and avoids stress. We can keep our hands free to turn the pages. This innovative product will in fact encourage more reading at bed times.

It really helps in the event of a power cuts and other emergencies the pillow light will be at hand as a dependable light source. Pillow Light is devoted to the fascinating world of design for kids. We can also continue our story telling with the help of books for our kids until they feel sleepy.
To be honest, I'm not sure about the LED light is bright enough for reading. If power shuts it can be used as a flash light to light your way around the house. Talking about pricing and availability of the Pillow Light is not revealed yet.

Fly Catcher

Fly Catcher is a rubbish bin lid that can trap fruit flies.

By instinct, fruit flies follow the smell that emanates from rubbish. Fly Catcher contains an inner volume that can trap the fruit flies as they try to enter the bin. Slits on the bottom of the lid allow the smell of the rubbish to emanate and attract the flies. Small openings on the top of the lid allow the flies to enter the inner volume, from which they cannot easily escape. Eventually, they will starve inside the lid. An acrylic window on the top of the lid allows the user to see whether the flies are still moving. When they are dead, the upper and lower parts of the lid can be separated and the flies can be emptied out.

 Designers: Chang Shih-hsun, Hung Jui-yuan

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