Wednesday, January 22, 2014

20 Modern Contemporary Computer Desks

Modern desks are really useful and also aesthetically beautiful: they can make a room good looking because they are often precious design pieces. Obviously pen writing has become an increasingly less frequent activity, but a desk devoted to the computer is, or should be, present in every home. The modern desks have evolved adapting their shape to the needs of the technology: the structure has a space for running cables (power supply, network connection and printer connection), there is a sliding panel, perfect for lean over the keyboard, a good number of shelves ideal to locate paper, printer and other objects; racks useful to keep in order the CDs, drawers for storing documents and other useful objects. There are many different styles: some modern desks recall in some way classical forms, but there are some that mix wood and metals; some adopt minimal lines, while others are so beautiful that seem to be an art piece with the added bonus of being very functional: even in chaotic situations it actually proves to be a space to locate something in the best possible way. Wood is still the most used raw material even in modern desks, with leather grafts that give greater sophistication to the cabinet and are useful to protect the table surface from scratches or scrapes that can be created when writing or working with staplers, scissors or other items that could damage the paint. Often invisible to the eye, the aluminium inserts make up the structure on which the shelf for the keyboard runs smoothly. In other models of modern desks there is also room for a printer or a scanner. Even for those who do not have much practice with the computer, the advice is to focus on this type of essential mobile lines: modern desks can give a special charm to every room.

This desk by Blue Lounge offers many amazing features to anyone with a passion for their technology. It provides a clutter free environment with many neat features such as a power strip inside the back portion of the desk to help consolidate wires.

The OneLessOffice Series showcases not only a desk but much more. This metal work of art can be found at Heckler Design.

What desk collection would be complete without Milk? Of course I had to include this desk. If you haven’t seen it before then be sure to head over to to see more of the Milk awesomeness.

For those minimalistic fans out there this desk is for you! The MUJI at MoMa is a beautiful aluminium desk.

Ok, so this one may look a little too much like elementary school. It is still interesting to see different desks made for Macs and PCs alike that take on new ideas.

This is an interesting concept for a desk! If you rotate it then it turns into a chair.

Laser cut and bent sheet metal put together cause perfect harmony? In this desk they do. Mike Devereaux designed the Domestic Workstation.

The Rainbow Desk designed and made by the furniture artist Allan Lake.

This desk is just jaw dropping. So what if I don’t have a desktop? This modern computer desk is called VU.VU.VU.

This beautiful white desk is completely from Plexiglas and is crafted by Bastian Greim.

This desk is a little heavier in comparison to our others. LUNA Office Desk is from LUNA office collection designed by Pininfarina.

The Mungle Office Desk is designed by the Greek designer Dimitrios Tsigos.

Gérard from The Netherlands developed his own unique solution to a problem he had with his desk space by hacking together a few pieces from Ikea into a clever spot for his iMac.

The Signalement Desk designed by Germany’s Peter Petersen as part of his Tank Collection, and is made entirely of medium density fiberboard and looks like something from the future.

The Airia Desk from Herman Miller is the latest example of the design giant’s genius. The desk is sleekly modernized version of a drafting table, giving you storage with style.

The XYZ desk offers something revolutionary – it integrates the computer right into the desk.

If you are the kind who gets easily distracted, you would love the ReWrite desk by GamFratesi. The half cubicle-half egg design would help you get work done!

The iDesk is as sleek as any iMac, making it a great décor compliment to your computer.

MisoSoup Design’s K Workstation looks like a single piece of material mounted to a wall to provide a workspace, storage and overhead shelving with the aesthetic fluidity of a noodle.

If you normally tend to work on a laptop, this Ledge desk from Urban Case might be all you need.


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