Thursday, January 9, 2014

Aro Stool By Oscar Diaz

Stools are occasional pieces of furniture, and as such we move them around constantly. With this in mind, my intention was to make a stool both lightweight and easy to pick up.
Aro is based on two rings of wood connected by tree legs. The rings allow reducing the amount of wood used while maintaining at the same time the structural strength and comfort.

Without looking like an obvious handle, the external ring allows also to grab easily the stool from any direction.
The rounded contours of Aro, invite to sit and look visually soft. It was also important that while having its own character, the stool would have the ability to blend well in a variety of environments.
The level of craftsmanship is demonstrated on the joints that link the top parts and the legs at different angles.

Aro was crafted by La Veneta and designed for ” Edition of 9″, an exhibition organized and curated by Something Good , which is part of the Ventura Lambrate design district at the Milan Furniture Fair 2012.


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