Monday, January 6, 2014

Bec Brittain´s Vise Light

Brooklyn-based designer Bec Brittain is known for her stop-you-in-your-tracks lighting, often combining brass and glass into playful, geometric shapes. The latest addition to the ever-growing collection is the Vise light, which joins a hand-blown, double-fade glass globe that mimics a sunset and situates it within a brass, claw-like structure. The fixture, named after Vise-Grip pliers, with its streamlined, open-volume shape, falls right in line with her expanding portfolio of sculptural lights. For this month’s Deconstruction, we take a look at how the Vise is made.

The Vise Light is a new fixture that expands on the geometric language of the brand’s prior work with color and new materials. These are some of the first sketches, where some of the most important issues are initially worked out.


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