Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Blossom Carpet - Beautiful Accent Piece By Lana Agiyan

Blossom is a multifunctional object for a kid's room or a playful adult living space. The idea behind this design piece is that every child loves to make tiny houses and hiding places. Sometimes it's a nest of pillows, sometimes it's a pile of blankets.

The Designer Says: ´I tried to create a colorful combination of play-inspiring and comfy surfaces and shapes that kids would enjoy. It's a bean-bag, a chair, a play house, a carpet, a play mat, a swing, a storage or anything that imagination can make it.´

Blossom carpet is made of Wool on one side and heat-set polypropylene rug on the other. Flowery bean bag is filled with polystyrene beads with antistatic coating.


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