Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chill Baby Volume Control Dummy Pacifier from Fred & Friends

Chill Baby Volume Control Dummy Pacifier from Fred & Friends turns down the volume and gives your ears the time-out that they deserve. As those little teeth start poking through the gums, your infant cannot help but scream his head off, no matter where you find yourselves.

The pacifier's dummy volume knob serves as a reminder of what noises can erupt from your little bundle of joy. So uncover your ears and start keeping your infant happy and comfortable with this unique childcare product. There’s nothing worse than a long afternoon with an upset baby. Running around town, picking up groceries, doing the laundry...all set to the “delightful” soundtrack of the wails and screams of an infant. Wouldn't you enjoy a bit of peace and quiet? Calm your baby's discomfort (and your nerves) by lending your ears (if not your body) some much needed rest through your busy day. Giving your little one something to suck on is a great way to help her overcome the difficulties associated with teething. A snap-on cap protects the nipple and keeps things hygienic.

The volume pacifier is completely free of dangerous chemicals such as Bisphenol A, or BPA, which can have adverse health effects on your child. It is probably for the best that babies don't actually have fully functioning volume knobs; their cries remind us that they need us, and simply pressing the mute button isn’t the answer. But the novelty of a dummy volume knob on your baby will turn things down a bit and keep the jokes coming with family and friends as you travel down the path of parenthood.

Now turn it down a few decibels, relieve your trouble mind and allow yourself to be the best parent you can possibly be. Ah…the sweet sounds of silence.


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