Friday, January 17, 2014

Dimisco - Unusual Fine Woodworking

Exponential customization has become the main source of added value of the production of more and more professional designers. In this way, not only they are able to differentiate themselves and stand out of the mass, but they can also give their customers something that is perfectly in line with their own tastes and personality.

A small but interesting company has entirely embraced this approach to design:Dimisco, a craft company headquartered in Trieste, Italy, designs and build bespoke fine furniture and customized objects made in wood, with the constant attention for exclusivity and uniqueness offered to each client.

The denomination of the company is due to the name of its own founder, Diego Miscoria, professional designer expert at working on wood: as a matter of fact, this ambitious talent has been dealing with wood all over the world in the latest twenty years, moving from boat building to furniture making both for private and corporate clients. Today, Miscoria has acquired a solid ability to well perform in a wide range of activities: from architectural design, to architectural restoration, to interior design and interior lighting. Even if wood remains his favorite element, he is good at working with glass, veneer and/or metal as well, whenever the complexity of his works requires the usage of more than one material.

The production of this company is quite contained, especially due to its small dimension and, above all, its peculiar pursue of exclusivity, which is the stated source of differentiation from the competition: working in close contact with customers and involving them in the creation process is the praxis, and the commissioning process has become almost a ritual, composed of four steps, in each of which the approval of the client is always necessary. The commissioner, therefore, has always a prevailing and leading role over the designer, whose main task is to deliver a product that is able to reproduce the personality of the final user.

Even if Dimisco’s volume of production is not particularly relevant, the range of products offered is actually wide and varied, aimed at satisfying various in-house needs of the customers: the products manufactured range, just to name a few of the spectacular pieces produced in the latest two years, from the fine Jafu chair, build up with the idea of minimizing the usage of woods while developing an interesting shape, to the magnificent Dragon lamp, made up of both wood and Murano glass, to the minimal walnut armchair, designed to exalt the beauty of this material, to the Wall mount for Apple iMac, ideal to rationalize spaces.

Even if wide room for customization is left to the buyer, some peculiarities are constantly present in the works of this artist: morbid curves, purity and simplicity of structures, glorification of natural materials. Utility and beauty are perfectly matched and these mixes effectively respond to the aesthetic requirements of expert eyes. Therefore, if you want something unique, this company is no doubt the right one for you.


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