Thursday, January 16, 2014

Electrolux Stand Mixer by Peter Braakhuis

I am a self-proclaimed terrible cook. Not the “can’t even cook eggs” kind (okay, sometimes), but the kind of terrible cook who hates standing over a sizzling pan while some hodgepodge dish inevitably burns. It’s not that I hate cooking, and I certainly love a good meal, but it’s the patience required to cook a great meal that trips me up every time.

Maybe things would be different if I had the Sensi Standmixer. Designed by Peter Braakhuis, the Sensi Standmixer is innovative and futuristic. Instead of standing over your bowl and watching the ingredients slowly, slowly blend into something that resembles a meal, you can detach the top portion of the Sensi Standmixer and monitor your food’s progress through a WiFi-connected camera and display. You can even control the speed, temperature, and time remotely. For an impatient semi-chef like me, this is fantastic news. Think of all the things you could do instead of watching your ingredients blend: reading, writing, online shopping, walking your dog, alphabetizing your bookshelves—the possibilities are endless.

Peter Braakhuis is a Netherlands-based industrial design engineer and researcher of digital and physical products. Of the Sensi Standmixer, Braakhuis states, “I’ve tried to develop a minimalistic and sober stand mixer that excels in intuitiveness. In our fast changing society, cooking and preparing food are regarded as a time-consuming activity. This stand mixer concept provides an innovative solution in which the consumer is no longer tied to just the kitchen.” No longer tied to the kitchen? Sounds good to me.


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