Friday, January 31, 2014

Glow Your Mind - The Tea Set For Light Relaxation

Rotterdam – Argentinian product designer Agustina Bottoni has created the Glow Tea Set, which aims to engage all the senses with a slower tea-making process that is enhanced with a contemplative visual experience.
The set includes a flask designed to rotate when serving the tea, and which also functions as a magnifier that maximises the light emitted by the small candle on which the tea is brewed for 3–4 hours. A cork sleeve provides insulation and keeps the tea aromas in the bottle.

The aesthetically minimalist tea set, with its laboratory flask and golden illumination, gives the tea-making an atmosphere of an alchemist’s scientific experiment, aiding contemplation during long, dark winter days. The muted tones, along with the basic shape, enhance the natural colours and organic textures of the tea leaves.

Drinking tea, as an ancient way to maintain well-being, is gaining in popularity, and designers are increasingly exploring the potential of combining gastronomy with visual effects in order to provide a multi-sensorial experience.


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