Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Liquid Glacial Table by Zaha Hadid

David Gill Galleries in London have been hosting the latest release by Zaha Hadid: the updated version of the Liquid Glacial Table.
This prototype is deemed to be the undisputed protagonist of interior design: fruit of a deep re-elaboration of fluid dynamics, the flat table on top is a complex flux of waves and ripples, which are not touchable but still can be looked through thanks to the transparent glass. This vortex of waves dramatically terminates with the table legs, which just look like miniature waterfalls.

The interest in the concept of fluidity is one of Zaha Hadid’s trademarks, who in this piece applied all innovations of design, materials and technologies to elaborate a credible succession of waves. The outcome indeed is quite impressive: the vortex created by each leg is breathtaking - an intense, glacial, frozen-like waterfall.  Despite the purity of the concept and the simplicity of shape, the main peculiarity of this table is the complex, fluid dynamic that winds its way through the whole design.

When the first version of the Liquid Glacial Table was launched in May 2012, it was short-listed by the Design Museum as one of the ‘Best Designs of 2012’. It’s not hard to predict a further ovation for this new version. 


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