Thursday, January 16, 2014

Little Angel Stool by Furf Design Studio

Even the naughtiest of little brats will look like lovely behaved children when seated in the Little Angel Stool, a project realized by the Brazilian design studio Furf, founded the past 2009 in Curitiba. The recently born team has become well known in Italy thanks to this brilliant chair concept for kids. After the line's international production began, Furf was officially invited as exhibitor to the Fuorisalone 2012, in which it proudly decided to present, among its many projects, this simple yet adorable creation.

The bright sky-blue base holds into place a white, cartoon-like structure in which the child can comfortably lean in and appear to have grown two small angel wings on its back. The delicacy of the stool and the simplicity of its materials makes it a perfect piece of furniture for any style of house, while the colorfulness combined to its very fun design will surely win the love of children all ages.


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