Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mimo Baby Monitor Helps Parents Track Infants’ Sleep Patterns

Well, cue the tech angels because this is where the cutest little accelerometer device I’ve ever seen comes in to save all the nervous parents to come. Mimo presented its tiny little baby monitor that integrates with sensor-festooned onesies at CES 2014: The tiny turtle monitor comes in a kit with three onesies, sizes 0-3, 3-6, and 6-12 months.

The kimono-style, organic cotton onesies are key because of the unobtrusive and soft, cloth-like strip that runs across it, which records how often a baby breathes. To complete the techy mini-suit, snap the small green plastic turtle monitor into the hip-area of the onesie and all the information the monitor collects will be synched over Bluetooth to Mimo’s base, which the company calls the Lilypad.

The Mimo can detect and display information on your baby’s sleep, respiration, and temperature along with your baby's movement data and the ambient room temperature, all in a handy little matching app. There’s also a function in the app to listen in with the turtle. Video function may come in a later version of the Mimo.

This idea seems just genius. We found a cool dog tracker at this year’s CES, so why not put the same sort of accelerometer tech on a kid and help a nervous parent out?

Starting in January 2014, parents can buy a Mimo starter package for $199 through nationwide retail stores, which includes 3 Kimonos, 1 Lilypad and 1 Turtle.


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