Monday, January 6, 2014

Push Bowls Pop From Flat to 3D

A series of flat metal plates in stainless steel, brass and copper transform into three-dimensional bowls with just a little bit of manual manipulation. PUSH bowls by Berlin-based architecture and design firm The Fundamental Group come as individual pieces or attached trios and can be easily pushed into shape, creating a shallow or deep recess to hold items like jewelry, keys or food.

The plates have been cut with a geometric pattern of micro-incisions that make them malleable. The designers wanted to create something that fuses the craftsmanship of handmade items with high-tech precision. The incisions mean the bowls can’t hold liquid, but they’re still useful for a range of other purposes.

Create tiny individual indentations for small objects, mould the whole thing into a vessel, or maybe just play with them for stress relief, like a beautifully designed, reusable version of bubble wrap.


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