Monday, January 27, 2014

Stylish Bunny Chair By Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen is design Company that promises to make the style ideas by using conventional materials in an unconventional matter. They have crafted some amazing designs that are a result of the innovative minds of their designers who always find a new way to use the common materials. They have a large collection consisting of furniture, lighting, textile, glasses and tableware, accessories and many more.

Bunny Chair from the company is less of a chair and more of a friend. It is a soft and amazingly stylish design that works well with all kinds of interiors with ease, thanks to the edgy and out of the box concept. The product has been designed in three stunning colors, ensuring the design doesn’t lose its appeal. The entire chair has been designed with upholstered fabric and the colors are hugely classy.

While kids are going to like the new addition in their rooms, the adults will love the snuggling effect of the design that creates an instant liking. With a length of 100 cm and height of 120cm, the design is smart enough to beautify any corner of the home. One can add one to the living room or even in the study room for some cute effect. The purple color works for colorful interior themes, while the rose is all about some brightness in the room. There is the third color grey that brings some stylish hues to interiors with subtlety. In short, this chair is a classy interpretation of the classic ear chair.

The armchair is not just about the design, the comfort has not been compromised either. The soft edges and smooth finish ensure that you have the best time of your day while reading a book or enjoying your coffee sessions. Creative, edgy, quality infused and smart!


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