Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Koloro - Having A Miniature Room For A Desk

From the project “Ichiro iro” launched by Ichiro Inc. in March 2012, comes its first product “kololo-desk” and “kololo-stool” which will be in stores in Japan on the 25th of June. Designed by TORAFU ARCHITECTS, along with the yellow and sky-blue version of the desk which has been previously launched, white, pink, khaki, and navy will be added to this family.

The stool will come in 4 colors, grey, dark grey, light-blue and green.
Numerous studies were done to decide the sizes and openings of the shelves to reach the shape it is today. The magnets give smoothness to the opening and closing for the windows, and the small doors on both the left and right were adjusted to be used as shelves. Also the stool comes in two heights, 430mm and 530mm. The higher stool was made to fit the size of a child.

Ichiro iro: The desk and stool make it possible to create your own space within a space and are proposed as “tools that reflect the user’s character” so that they can create a lifestyle that reflects their personality. Products from the Ichiro Iro project are everyday tools. Ichiro hopes they will offer hints that allow users to find greater enjoyment in their everyday lives by using tools that reflect their personality and by transforming their way of thinking.

Koloro-desk: A place to 'nest' at ease. The koloro-desk has windows in various locations.Its design is that of a small private room, where windows can be opened for a more airy, accessible feel, or closed when you don't want to be disturbed. Lighting, potted plants and such can be added, and there are windows for placing the occasional ornament, hooks for bags, and a cord manager allowing PC use. Arrange the koloro-desk to make a study for Dad, a play area for a child, a hobby space, or whatever you would like it to be.

Koloro-stool: Complete with storage capacity.

Designed to complement the koloro-desk, the koloro-stool is shaped like a vaulting horse.Underneath the soft cushioned seat is a box for storage, ideal for toys and other small miscellaneous items.


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