Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Magis Nido Play Cave By Javier Mariscal

The Magis Nido Play Cave from Me Too Collection for Kids by Javier Mariscal is the perfect bug to bring along on family camping trips.

This elevated tent is designed to look like a giant yellow bug crawling along the ground. No need to grab the fly swatter, shoe or bow and arrow, because this bug is harmless and annoyance free, unlike every other one that’s swarming your tent and landing in the empty s’more dish.
The tent is made from polyethylene and specifically designed for a child’s body. In fact, there is more than enough room for two kids and ample space to let their imaginations run free. The Nido Cave is truly Neat-O with interior features like a grass pattern on the floor and drawn hieroglyphics on the ceiling. Instead of playing in a boring old tent that looks like it came straight out of a Boy Scout meeting from the 50s or a citadel made from your Roche Bobois couch cushions, your kids will feel special with their own spacious fort.

This bug will also keep them snug and warm like a cocoon. You’ll have to remind your kids that they are camping since they will want to spend most of their time exploring the Nido Tent. The Nido Tent for Kids is great for outdoor use, but this bug is no pest inside either. In fact, this will be the only bug you’ll allow to nest in your rug. If placed indoors, this tent quickly turns into a cave where your kids can play all day with their new best bug, Nido. Their adventures will seem endless and allow you a few extra minutes of free time to plan that long overdue trip to Yosemite.

The Magis Nido Play Cave is the perfect way to introduce your little adventurers to camping in the great outdoors. Now, where did you put the marshmallows and graham crackers?


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