Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Torafu Architects Produces Cobrina - A Series Of Small Furniture

Japanese studio Torafu Architects has designed a collection of small and lightweight wooden furniture. Torafu Architects created items in the Cobrina collection so they can be easily rearranged, in collaboration with manufacturer Hida Sangyo.

"We designed a series of small-sized pieces of furniture that allow space to be used more effectively," the designers said. The name Cobrina derives from the Japanese expression "koburi-na", used to describe things that are small or undersized. The nine oak pieces all feature angled legs and surfaces with rounded edges.

Chairs with winged backrests that point up or down are low enough to tuck under the table and can be ordered with upholstered seats. These chairs are available stained grey, black or bright blue, as well as in natural oak. A coat stand has a bowl on the top for storing keys, small change and other pocket-sized items. Removable cushions rest against the wooden back of the two-seater sofa, which doesn't have armrests.

Dining and coffee tables both have semi-circular tops and the small stools double as side tables. There are also two storage units: a low stand that has two shelves and a taller design with four.

Other furniture by the architects includes wooden storage boxes that stack up to make little trolleys, stools that can be grouped together to form a bench and shelves that feature hidden drawers.


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