Thursday, January 23, 2014

Uniquely Designed Doc'Spag Plates By Frank Martin

One of the best parts about spaghetti has to be the process directly preceding its consumption. How much fun is it to twirl your pasta? It can be a tough thing for people to learn who didn’t grow up with parents who taught them how to twist your angel hairs around a fork. For those who struggle - or those who simply want a little something unique to spruce up a simple spaghetti Bolognese – there are the exuberant Doc’Spag plates.
No need for a spoon to eat spaghetti from a DOC'spag plate. A mere twirl of a fork in the center and the perfect mouthful of spaghetti is produced without making a mess. The plate is a simple design creation that adds to the pleasure of eating spaghetti in this unique way.
The plate was created by Mehdi Derouazi, Frank Martin and David Pivoda. There are three ranges to choose from:

CLASSIC LINE - classic ceramic for the dinner party with a 'twist'

PLASTIC LINE - light weight and ideal for your event

KID'S LINE - kids will love the DOC'spag plate and parents even more, no mess to clear up after meal times!

The man with the DOC'spag vision was Doctor Martin.
Following a stroke that resulted in his partial paralysis, he came up with the concept that would allow him to continue to enjoy eating Spaghetti, one of his favourite foods. Without the use of his left side the idea would have to allow an individual to consume pasta with the use of just one hand.

He passed this ingenious concept onto his son Frank to develop. He and his two partners presented it at an inventors' competition. It created a real 'buzz' amongst professionals in the hotel and catering industry.
Sensing the potential of the idea, the three friends decided to take the concept to market under the name Doc'spag in honour of its inventor Doctor Martin. DOC'spag has a worldwide patent pending.


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