Friday, February 21, 2014

ArtyA Son of Sound Guitar Shaped Watches

The unique timekeepers from the watch brand ArtyA are recognizable at the first look, through to their singularity and unique design. Swiss art watch brand made this extremely avant garde watches, guitar head-shaped, Son of Sound collection.

The Son of Sound timepieces all have cases that look like the end of a guitar (the head). Of course, they are complete with tuning peg crowns. The case is 42mm wide and the various versions will be available in steel, titanium, PVD black steel, and 18k rose gold.

The colection has two variations. One with a double retrograde dial with the hours and minutes, as well as a second version with chronograph. Each of the watches has high-end mechanical automatic movements, apparently co-developed by Concepto and SC2. Guitar-style elements on the case and dial abound. From decorative features to strings, the Son of Sound watches are an interesting experiment in musical instrument-themed horology.

As is common with the brand, the pieces don’t exactly have distinct names at this point, nor are they very clear on other details.

Probably the stand-out version of the Son of Sound watch so far is the “English” version with the Union Jack motif on the dial. It is going to be hard for aging British rockers to resist those pieces. The dial has a large minute hand, and a disc to display the minutes.

There are rather small chronograph subdials, as well a centrally mounted chronograph seconds hand. The lower part of the dial has the date. At least on the Son of Sound Chronograph models ArtyA promised that each of the tuning peg crowns has a function.


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