Monday, February 24, 2014

Business P’2000 Luggage from Porsche Design

(Stuttgart – Press Release). With the lean management success principle, which makes it possible to consistently avoid all kinds of waste, processes in the economy can be optimised. This formula now applies to briefcases. The motto: Only what is actually needed belongs inside. There is a place for everything, and everything has its place, clearly and logically arranged for easy and quick access. Porsche Design is now launching the lean briefcase onto the worldwide market, initially designed as a prototype by business consultants Porsche Consulting GmbH.

The Porsche Design P’2150 Roadster 2.2 Lean BriefBag is truly striking, especially for its intelligent detailed solutions. Doing away with superfluous or pointless compartments in favour of uncompromising functionality has created the ideal luggage to accompany managers to the office or on business trips. The lean briefcase is available from November 2010 in Porsche Design Stores and selected specialist retailers around the world.
The concept of the brand new briefcase stems from a precise analysis of traditional business luggage and its actual uses. The typical disadvantages were identified: overfilling with unnecessary tools, such as oversized notepads, too long and heavy computer cables, too big inner pockets, too many small compartments for unspecified items. In short, ordinary briefcases often contain too much in general, but too little that is actually necessary. And nothing is where you thought it was.

The ideal bag holds just what you need and keeps it easily accessible and usable, in the right quantities and at the right quality. Under these premises, the Porsche Design P’2150 Roadster 2.2 Lean BriefBag was created.
A special system ensures that the user can see at a glance if his personal requirements are all present: for example, if one of the three pens provided is missing, a coloured marker on the loop provided for it draws his attention to its absence. When travelling, passports and tickets are immediately accessible in one of the large outer pockets designed for the purpose. The P’2150 Roadster 2.2 Lean BriefBag also contains a second, removable meeting bag. This has plenty of space for a laptop and documents, making it ideal for meetings. And there is one more functional detail too: an extra bag for technical accessories such as your download cable, mouse, 3G dongle and USB stick.

Everything has its own place. Nothing is left to chance – no matter whether the boss packs his bag, or his secretary does it. That’s why the advisers and bag designers at Porsche Consulting and Porsche Design precisely defined the packing process and developed concrete recommendations for the bag’s contents.

“With the design for the lean briefcase, we wanted to transfer our experience as business consultants to a tool that would be used by managers every day. After we launched the prototype, purely as a study, in our customer magazine, many of our readers wanted to order the bag and the sooner the better. That is why we are thrilled that our sister company, Porsche Design, a well known specialist in high quality luggage, has developed the prototype to production and brought it to market,” said Eberhard Weiblen, Chairman of the Management Board at Porsche Consulting GmbH.

“The so called Lean BriefBag suits our luxury brand, Porsche Design, perfectly,” said Dr. Juergen Gessler, CEO of the Porsche Design Group.”It is the perfect companion for our business customers and fits seamlessly into our overall product range. The P’2150 Lean BriefBag not only stands out for its timeless and purist de-sign, but also offers exceptionally highly functional and innovative detailed solutions in the field of business luggage. We are all the more pleased that we have been able to bring in tried and tested internal skills from the automotive industry and additional practical experience from Porsche Consulting GmbH for this project. All this goes to make the slimline briefcase the product of a whole range of Porsche skills and competences.

Porsche Design is a luxury brand with a particular focus on technically inspired products. The Porsche Design brand was established in 1972 by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. The products stand for functional, timeless and purist design, characterised by their technical innovation. The product portfolio includes watches, sunglasses,  luggage, a sports and fashion collection as well as electronic products and a men’s fragrance line. All the brand’s products are designed at the Porsche Design Studio in Zell am See (Austria) and are available worldwide in the company’s own stores, franchise stores, shops-in-shops, high end department stores and exclusive specialist retailers.


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