Thursday, February 6, 2014

Buster + Punch’s Rockstar Whisky Bar

The Rockstar Whiskey Bar lives up to its name through its eye-catching design, elegance and finishes. Buster + Punch created the luxurious whiskey and cocktail bar from in two wooden versions: American Black Walnut and Blackened Ash. Hand-made to conjure the inspiring elegance of carefully finished details, the Rockstar Whiskey Bar also comes in customized sizes so it fits in perfectly in your chosen interior.

Its name derives from the attention given to a rockstar because he/she “steals the show” and this is the exact feeling given by the refined wooden bar.

Attention to details shaped the final result of this sophisticated furniture piece: “Our stunning whisky or cocktail bar is hand made in the UK from either solid American Black Walnut or Blackened Ash.

The quilted back panel comes in sumptuous Grey Berry silk or rockstar Black Leather. To the side sits a knurled brass light fitting with a snake’s heat cage for protection. The bar is opened from the top with two doors on brass butler hinges. The bar is then finished with custom brass buttons and our signature knurled brass furniture handles.


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