Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cute Realistic Pokemon Dolls by Santani

Too younger compared to the degree of creativity, the years become immaterial when we come across this 23 years old artist widely known by the Deviant Art community in Russia as Santani.

This young man has been able to prepare out of ordinary dolls by combining different materials all together such as mud, other solid materials and fabric hence making extra ordinary creatures.

Even though different people have seen these dolls as being very scaring because they don’t represent a real animal or pet many have had such a great taste for them.

The faces of some dolls would represent those of birds and others pets but when it comes to the other body part that is where the devil incarnates knocks but this does not stop the high demand. The pretty creatures which this artist has created are so amazing and thus they have attracted such a high level of demand from the market.

These dolls are being used for decorations in places of residence, cars and also used by those children who have no place for a second heart as dolls. This is the power of a creative brain.

The message is any creative person will always come up with something unique.



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