Monday, February 17, 2014

Don’t Know What To Make For Dinner? Daily Menu Dishes Will Decide For You

Chefs will be pioneering the presentation of food on plates forever. It’s an element of the food & eating experience which even has its own trends. However a new trend is emerging of late; rather than make food look beautiful on plates plates & ceramics are now being designed specifically for certain foods and it’s far more beautiful than the banana protectors or prison issue meal trays that might first spring to mind. From cream puff plates to ones designed for chicken and chips this adds an element of playfulness & design clout to the eating experience… your meal will look beautiful even without trying!
Take for example the ‘menu’ series from 5.5 designs for Khala – the plates very design dictating a weekly menu.
Every day, the dishes that compose and define our diet are often archetypal: ham / small macaroni, chicken / French fries, pork chop / green peas, fried fish / rice.
« Daily Menu » is a collection of plates whose shape is defined by different food stereotypes - one per each day of the week. The plate works as a recipe inspiration and could suggest a meal when we are short of ideas. For each day a dish and for each dish a plate!

Monday: chicken / french fries

Tuesday: pork chop / green peas

Wednesday: sausage / purée

Thursday: ground steak / french beans

Friday: fried fish / rice

Saturday: ham / small macaroni

Sunday: omelette / salad


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