Monday, February 10, 2014

Enjoy The Skiing Season With Zai For Bentley’s Uber-Luxe Skis

When it comes to producing quality ski equipment, there is no match for the Swiss companies. Talking about the design quality of luxury cars the first name that comes to mind is that of Bentley. So imagine what would happen if the both of them combine? We would get a classic and chic product. The new Bentley zai skis are one such example. These ultra modern skis are a result from the design studio of Bentley and the great ski manufacturer Zai.

The new Bentley zai skis are a limited edition production of this collaboration and are high-end skis manufacturer completely handmade for perfection. The material used for the manufacturing of these Uber-cool 250 limited edition skis is the Zaiira a composite material used for the designing of an aircraft. The skis are designed with carbon fibre on the top layer and natural rubber is used in the core parts along with chrome steel for strength. These are designed for maximum performance and great looks.

The collaboration and stated that more emphasis has been given on the design details and great craftsmanship making the product a perfect one and describing it to last the lifetime. The initial reviews from the pros have all praised the product and added that it stands at a class of its own given the ultra modern design and great performance parameters.

Bentley zai skis are already becoming a hot favourite among the professionals and are in great demand by ski enthusiasts all over the world. Both companies revel in their attention to detail and craftsmanship and with the use of the novel composite, the skis are being marketed as “made to last a lifetime.”

In addition to all these design and performance features , Zai has also taken great care in manufacturing light weight carrying bags for this ultra-modern product. The carrying bags are prepared from neoprene and pure leather which makes them very light and easy to carry.


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