Thursday, February 27, 2014

Evolution Door - New Opening Method by Klemens Torggler

Vienna-based Austrian developer Klemens Torggler has designed an innovative piece of structure that allows one to go in and out a room by moving a multi-panel door, known as Evolution Door, to a nearby place without the ground monitor.

Instead of having to set up additional components for a door to glide across, Torggler's door provides a tossing method that is completely attractive to the eye, space-conscious, and enchanting to watch.

The designer's product provides a product new perspective for something as traditional and globally identified as a door. Accessing a room is transformed into a kinetic art type. The door, which is currently just a model, is working out several components of design that deal with everything from overall look to performance.

Torggler has already prepared his innovation with soft edges to account for hands that may unintentionally get captured between the sections as they flip into their next position.


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